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Since the advent of the Firearms control Act of 2000, promulgated only in 2004 over the objections of a majority of legitimate firearm owners, it has become clear that the government of SA intends a virtually complete disarmament of the civilian population of South Africa.

Indeed a number of high-ranking politicians have publicly admitted this fact - although officially the FCA has as it's aim the regulation of firearm licences.

This is the first lie.

The organisation which goes under the title of 'Gun Free South Africa' has been extremely active in promoting the idea of disarmament of the civilian population, and has succeeded in bringing influence to bear on the authorities over a number of years leading up to implementation of the FCA in 2004.

The result - a firearms control act with draconian provisions, most of which are entirely contrary to the provisions of the much-vaunted South African Constitution, and which impose on law-abiding owners of firearms, costs and strictures which are excessively onerous.

All existing licensed firearm owners are required to re-licence their weapons by a deadline date, dependent on their date of birth. The issue of new firearm licences, since 2004 has been virtually zero, with the SAPS turning down the vast majority of applications.

This, we believe is a tactic to ensure that no, or very few, new licences will be issued, and that many existing firearm owners will simply hand in their weapons to authorities, rather than submit themselves to the process of compliance.

Let us be clear - Gun Facts SA is not against control of lethal weapons in the hands of civilians - but we believe that the 'control' that is being implemented under the FCA is not 'control', but 'constructive confiscation and denial', in order to ensure that the hidden objective of the FCA is achieved - that being close-to-total disarmament.

So who needs guns?

The reader of this page may ask - So what? - Why should any civilian in a peaceful and democratic country want or need a firearm?"

To answer that question is the purpose of this website - and it is a complex question, with, of course, a complex answer.

Whilst people living in countries of the western world, where law and order are a 'given', may believe the propaganda about the "rainbow nation" since 1994, the reality is rather different. Crime - particularly violent crime - is out of control in SA, whilst the leaders of government trot out anodyne excuses and try to make the world believe that crime is simply a 'problem' that will, in due course, 'disappear'!

The GUNFACTS website will illustrate to you just how 'out-of-control' crime actually is - our archives of news stories culled from major news sources in SA on a daily basis and updated and added-to regularly reveal the magnitude of the 'problem' - a problem which threatens to destroy any gains made since 1994.

Other pages on this website deal with the issues over gun control and the FCA in South Africa - please read on!

About Gunfacts SA

The site is dedicated to ensuring that people of South Africa understand the truth about 'gun-control', as it is currently applied and correcting some of the myths and propaganda with which organisations like Gun Free South Africa have deceived the government and many citizens of South Africa.

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