Failure of Gun Control in SA and Globally

So tell us IANSA and Gun Free South Africa - in exactly how many countries did strict gun control work out as intended?

We do not expect any clear and unambiguous answer from the disarmament movement in South Africa - or anywhere in this world - for the simple reason that all statistics available for countries where gun-bans have been implemented show in the clearest terms how gun-control and gun bans have failed dismally - and shockingly, even contributed to an upsurge in violence by armed criminals!

The answer to our opening question?

These countries have implemented stringent controls or outright bans in recent years:

  • Great Britain - 1997 - Ban on Privately-owned firearms
  • Australia - 1996 - Ban on Privately-owned firearms
  • Belgium - 2006 - Ban on Privately-owned firearms
  • Canada - 1999 - Severe restrictions/Partial Ban on Privately-owned firearms

Statistics available today, more than 10 years after the first gun-ban (Australia) do not support the anti-gun lobby claims of a reduction in firearm-related violence - far from it - in all cases these countries have experienced NO REDUCTION in firearm-related violence, and in the case of Britain and Australia statistics show an INCREASE in firearm-related violence perpetrated by CRIMINALS!

Did those countries implement gun-control incorrectly to yield such an appalling result?

No - the figures available - a full 10 years later in some cases - show clearly that the concept of gun-bans and overly restrictive gun-control is fundamentally flawed.

BUT - Here is one place where 'gun-control' has been brilliantly implemented, and where it yields precisely the result that authorities desired.

That place is Kennesaw, Georgia, USA - and the gun-control fanatics hate the mention of it - why? - simply because this is the town where gun-ownership has been REQUIRED by city ordinance since 1982. As a result crime plummetted in that town immediately and remains, 25 years later at an extremely low level.(not a SINGLE shooting death in that period)

Guns are Required by Law in This US Town

The statistics for Kennesaw are here: note particularly the graph which shows Kennesaw's Violent Crime rate as approx 20% of the median for the state of Georgia.

See also "A Tale of Two Cities"

..and here is what happened in Britain -

This report by the BBC - Gun crime soars by 35%

...and Australia and Canada

The Failed Experiment

In Australia,since the 1997 gun ban, few reputable sources have claimed crime has decreased, but several reputable news sources insist on a rapid rise in crime by 1997. I found a consistent set of statistics that showed an increase of robberies by 44 percent, assaults by 8.6 percent and homicide by 3.2 percent. Although there is debate over the numbers, few are willing to say things improved from 1995 to 1999.Canada's restrictions are widely held to have been a total and costly failure.

Can any sane person believe that the FCA has had/will have a different effect here in South Africa?

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