Lies and more Lies!

The Lies and Propaganda of the Gun Control Lobby

Where shall we begin? Since the start of the campaign to outlaw guns in civilian hands, the anti-gun movement - in this case Gun Free South Africa - has not shied away from fabricating any and every piece of 'evidence' necessary in an attempt to brainwash decent people into believing that an inanimate object, the gun is too dangerous for YOU to own. Naturally representatives of IANSA, the parent body are also not reluctant to fabricate and embellish their case as the need arises, but in our country the people we see and hear are Gun Free South Africa.

We could create lists of lies, large and small that they regurgitate with regularity to the media, on television and radio at every opportunity, without shame or conscience, as they attempt to reshape your outlook into one where you will be conditioned to think as a willing and cooperative victim,rendered unable to defend what is rightfully yours and those you love from criminal predators, who almost certainly will have guns!

One valuable source of information refuting many gun-control lies is this document (PDF 675KB) produced by Guy Smith of California. It is aligned to the US experience but may still prove useful.His website at is also informative

The BIG LIE, however is the one that lies behind the entire campaign - the big MOTHER-OF-ALL-LIES that underpins everything they do and every propaganda piece produced - and whilst they happily make up figures and spout spurious statistics in defence of their stance to UN and government committees and to the media, the BIG LIE is the one that few in the media, for instance are prepared to tackle - or perhaps they don't get it?

The BIG LIE is the one that connects disarmament of LEGAL and LAW ABIDING gun owners to a reduction in violence caused by CRIMINALS with guns.

We are frequently fascinated to hear interviews with gun-control fanatics where the "issues" surrounding gun-control as an answer to criminality are discussed - NEVER has any media person stopped the process dead by asking the question that needs to be asked - and answered - publicly and unambiguously - "What has this to do with illegal guns used by criminals to kill, maim, rob and rape?"

The knee-jerk reaction that they managed to stimulate in politicians of this world who then proceed to enact evil laws like the Firearms Control Act is easy to understand. Their stated aims have from the start had a nice ring to them - ' A South Africa where no one will need a gun', for instance, or as we point out elsewhere in this website, the Programme of Action document from the UN in 2001 which contains 51 references to "illicit trading in small arms", but not a mention of action against LEGAL owners.

Who would not support such a noble ambition such as a country where no one needs a gun? However a little thought and research will show that it is not the owners of LEGAL guns who commit the armed crime we see daily in our neighbourhoods, but CRIMINALS armed with ILLEGAL weapons.

Those criminals will remain entirely UNAFFECTED in any way by the legislation and therefore it can have NO EFFECT on crime. This has already been proven by rising violent crime statistics in Britain, Australia and Belgium, where gun-bans have been implemented in recent times.

THEY HAVE LIED - either from the beginning, which would indicate that there was always a hidden agenda and the true objective was deliberately obscured - or as a result of their initial good but misguided intentions being thwarted by the unpalatable fact that governments of this world have no intention of stopping the flow of weapons around this world - The Soviet Union alone have dumped 70 million AK47s into conflict areas, the South African government (past and present) has introduced hundreds of thousands of pistols and automatic rifles into all our neighbouring states, without exception and into every province of our country - neither IANSA nor the UN can ever recover these weapons or stop this flow of ILLEGAL GUNS TO CRIMINALS!

THEY HAVE LIED TO YOU about the way you should be able to protect yourself and your family - when for example your home is invaded by thugs. Their advice is to lock yourselves in a room and cower there until your emergency call is answered by either the police and/or your home security company. The police are renowned in SA for their tardiness in attending such calls, and there is no way any security guards patrolling, can respond within less than 5-10 minutes, even when they happen to be passing close by on their rounds. Think about '5 - 10 minutes' - just sit where you are, doing nothing for 5 -10 minutes - now try to envision cowering in the bedroom or bathroom, while the invaders try to batter down the door - KNOWING that with a gun you could dispatch these invaders very quickly and protect yourself and everything you hold dear. Sometimes a single shot heard by a home invader has sent them running for their lives, armed or not.

THEY CONTINUALLY LIE about the very nature of guns, trying to demonise the actual inanimate collection of steel and plastic components as somehow 'evil' and 'dangerous', that can somehow kill people by itself. Just like the spade in your garden shed a gun is a tool - an extremely powerful tool, ownership of which brings with it vastly more serious responsibilities than your garden implements - but people have been killed by garden implements - hundreds of thousands in Rwanda alone, hacked to death for instance.

THEY LIE when they claim that a gun is more likely to be the instrument of death or injury of it's owner or a family member than of any value in any action against criminals. The Defence Reports on this website give the lie to that claim.

THEY LIE when they claim that a gun used in an attempt to prevent violence by criminals 'complicates things'. It will certainly complicate things for the perpetrator of violence, of course, and perhaps Gun Free South Africa clearly wants violent thugs to have an uncomplicated and successful career. However the alternative, that of allowing the attacker to have his way will undoubtedly vastly complicate your life - try paying the hospital bills that can arise from your severe injuries, that'll be complicated! If you are anything like most normal people, you really don't care how 'complicated' things may get for criminals who attack you or other decent citizens.

THEY LIE when they tell us that the answer to crime is to implement even more passive security measures - at your home or business or in your car - The technology today is certainly extensive and expensive and criminals beat all of it every day and every hour!

THEY LIE when they try to convince you that an armed response service, for which you will pay handsomely, can protect you - apart from any previously mentioned delay in simply reaching you, we have heard of cases where armed response personnel deliberately dally en route to a call-out where they know or expect to find armed criminals engaged in crime. For their salaries, we can hardly blame them!

Of course the target of the gun-control fanatics' lies is also the government of South Africa - to persuade and convince them to enact laws to disarm you - this they have achieved in South Africa. When we look at government we see what they have to say:

SAPS advises you to cooperate with criminals and never to resist in any way, whilst stating that self-defence is not valid reason for having a gun.

A previous Minister of Safety and Security, Charles Nqakula has told the nation that those who complain about the levels of violent crime should leave the country.

The same man was recently on a taxpayer-funded tour of Europe to tell lies to parliamentarians and the media there in order to play down the "South African crime tsunami" in fear of the effect it may have on investment.

The President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki has told the nation many times that there is no crime crisis - merely a crime problem.

Read our ever growing list of violent criminal actions (note that we do not list any crimes where non-firearm weapons are involved!) and make up your own mind!

Finally - reliance on the SAPS for any kind of protection is an illusion of note - this article tells you how the police themselves rely on civilian security services for their protection!

More than R100m Spent to Guard Cops


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